Papercraft “The Addams Family” House

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This amazingly detailed Addams Family house is the work of Alan Ronay who previously made a glorious papercraft Golden Girls house. It’s loaded with Easter Eggs including:

– You can see the shadow of Kitty Kat, the family lion, coming down the stairs.
– A portrait of Gomez’s business partner is hanging on the wall.
– Pierre the moose is hanging on the wall over the fireplace.
– Thing is popping out of a box on the harpsichord.
– Morticia’s peacock chair.
– Cousin Farouk is hanging on the wall.
– A copy of TV Guide with the Addams Family on the cover.

He’s also created a DIY version that’s available in his Etsy store for those who’d like to create their own version of the house.

See more pictures after the break…

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Thanks to Alan for the tip! Send yours to

Product Page ($345)


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