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Awesome Parents Pose Dinosaur Toys At Night So Kids Think They Come To Life While They’re Sleeping

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If you saw Toy Story at the right age, you might have woken up in the middle of the night and checked on your toys. Who knows what shenanigans they get into while you’re sleeping? Refe Tuma and his wife decided to make that a reality by proclaiming November as Dinovember. They take their kids’ plastic dinosaurs and pose them every night of the month to try to convince their children that the figures come to life while they snooze. I think it’s super creative and so fun.

It has to be challenging to come up with new scenarios every night. The dinosaurs have had parties, tied up ninja turtles, eaten crayons, and wrecked the kitchen among other antics. As for why they do it, here’s what Tuma has to say:

Why do we do this? Because in the age of iPads and Netflix, we don’t want our kids to lose their sense of wonder and imagination. In a time when the answers to all the world’s questions are a web-search away, we want our kids to experience a little mystery. All it takes is some time and energy, creativity, and a few plastic dinosaurs.

Childhood is fleeting, so let’s make sure it’s fun while it lasts.

It’s wonderful.

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