Photo Evidence Of The TARDIS Travelling Through Time

It’s one thing to imagine the TARDIS travelling through time, but quite another to actually see photographic evidence. Mark Dando collected vintage photographs which included the TARDIS in the background and blended them with today’s Google Street View images of the same locations. He posted them over on Retronaut so we can all see what The Doctor has been up to over the years.

It all started when Dando saw the photo of the little girl named Brenda and noticed the classic police call box on which the TARDIS is based. He decided to see if he could blend the photo with a current picture and it worked so well, he made it a bit of a collection. So, what we’ve learned here is that at some point there was a companion named Brenda that we just haven’t found out about, yet.

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(Companions of The Doctor via The Mary Sue)


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