Preview of the Serenity Free Comic Book Day Issue [First Look]

The first Saturday in May is a beautiful holiday for the comic book world: Free Comic Book Day. You can get comics for absolutely free, no strings attached. You can start celebrating early with this preview of the Serenity comic from Dark Horse; Serenity will be sharing an issue with Star Wars. Yeah, it’s like peanut butter and chocolate.

Free Comic Book Day 2012: Star Wars/Serenity
Writer: Zack Whedon
Penciller: Davidé Fabbri, Fábio Moon
Inker: Fábio Moon, Christian Dalla Vecchia
Cover Artist: Adam Hughes, Daniel Dos Santos

Han Solo and Chewbacca have a falling-out after a deal with a shady customer goes bad. When the client gets designs on the Millennium Falcon, Han and Chewie present a united front that can’t be beat! “Mal” Reynolds, captain of the outlaw vessel Serenity, is no stranger to jobs gone wrong. But when the chips are down, he’s able to rely on an amazing, odd, and diversely talented crew for help!

See the preview pages after the break.

Stay tuned for my Free Comic Book Day round-up next week including mini reviews of all the issues I can get my hands on.

(via io9)


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