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Review: Aperion Intimus 532 5.1 system

There are two requirements for any home theater speaker system. The first is obviously the sound. Being a 5.1 system, you need good center/front/rear performance in the high to mid range and the sub to give you ground rumbling bass.

The second requirement is it’s visual appeal. Since the ideal location for the speakers is eye level, they will be very obvious to the observer. Aesthetics count for something, and these will look right at home in your living room.

The Aperion Intimus 532 5.1 system is a winner on both counts. The natural wood look is very attractive and there are other finishes available. The sound is precise and with a dedicated amp in the sub, it will rattle your windows if you like. Aperion does not have a pre-configured surround sound package, but offers the customer some options on how to set up their particular system. Use a dedicated center channel speaker, or a less epxensive option that is simlar to the satellites. You can also choose between 8″, 10″ or a 12″ sub, largely dependent on your room size, and personal taste to some degree. Smallest sub has a 100 watt amp, the largest has a 250 watt amp.

Cnet: Aperion’s knockout package has survived a makeover and still offers great sound, superb build quality, and extraordinary value.

Sound & Vision: Aperion’s Intimus 532 system, with its well-balanced and engaging sound, should please even demanding listeners, especially if stereo music figures large in your listening. And it delivers great value thanks to its excellent center speaker, powerful sub, and fine finish and build quality.

Available only directly from the manufacturer, if you are looking for a surround sound setup in the $1000-$1500 range, give this one a look.

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