Sneak Peek At The Lego Lord of the Rings Sets!

Ever since Lego announced they had the Lord of the Rings license, fans and hobbitses have been eagerly awaiting news. What will the first sets be? There are so many options. Well, thanks to the Slovenian Lego forum Kocke Klub, we may finally know. The image was taken in a private area of the Nuremberg Toy Fair, and if it’s valid we’re in for a treat. It looks like we’ve got Sam and Frodo battling Shelob, the fight between the Nazgul and the Fellowship on Weathertop, Helm’s Deep, and something with a cave troll. It’s probably a scene from the mines of Moria. Ahhh! I’m making room on my shelves now.

Check out an additional image after the break.

(via Gizmodo)


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