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‘Star Wars’ And Dinosaurs Are The Best Bouquets For Valentine’s Day


It was noted romantic Philip J. Fry who remarked that “girls like swarms of things,” so it’s a good thing ThinkGeek has you covered this Valentine’s Day with a selection of exceptionally geeky themed bouquets. With themes including puppies, unicorns and even new Star Wars and dinosaur options, you can be sure that your soulgeek will fall head over heels all over again.

Check out the new additions to the plush bouquet collection below.


This assortment contains a delightful spread of Stormtroopers, droids, Ewoks and helmeted space goons, covering most of the major bases from the original trilogy for the old-school Star Wars fan in your life.


Does the love of your life dream of electric bleeps? This R2-themed bouquet will almost certainly put a big ol’ smile on their face. Note that this assortment doesn’t include any BB-8s, though in fairness they’d only roll away.


Nothing screams romance like a bouquet containing a guy who murdered a bunch of kids then lied to his wife about it, and a ton of dudes who can’t shoot straight. And it’s only $59.99!


If Star Wars isn’t your lover’s thing – hey, stranger things have happened! – ThinkGeek have a handful of less Forceful options available, such as this bouquet of adorable dinosaurs. D’aww.

Head on over to ThinkGeek for the full plush bouquet lineup ($49.99-$59.99).


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