Star Wars Invades And Improves Idyllic Thomas Kinkade Paintings

kinkade star wars 2

Though they aren’t to my taste at all, I can’t deny the fact that Thomas Kinkade’s work is darn near everywhere. I see it in gift stores all over, in catalogs, and sometimes in little art galleries/shops. If they all looked like these images by artist Jeff Bennett though, I’d buy the collection! He’s added imagery from Star Wars into the quiet landscapes, and I think having rancors and Imperial Walkers moving in makes them way more interesting. However, I may be a little biased.

See more of these mashups after the break.

kinkade star wars 1

kinkade star wars 3

kinkade star wars 4

kinkade star wars 5

kinkade star wars 6

kinkade star wars 7

(via Club Jade)


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