Take A Closer Look At The New Female Scientist LEGO Set

female scientist lego set

Remember that LEGO female scientist set that originally went up on CUSCOO (now LEGO Ideas)? Well, the final LEGO-approved designs are here.

Set creator Alatariel was given the chance to do the first reveal and review of the set and here’s what she had to say about the new figures:

The set has three female scientist minifigures that are not identical to the ones I designed, but very similar in style. It was important for me to convey the message that most scientists wear casual clothing; only a few institutes have strict dress codes (apart from safety clothing worn in labs, of course). The chemist comes with a newly printed torso depicting a lab coat that is opened and an access/ID card around the neck. It’s great to get a new lab coat design in addition to the one they released for the collectible minifigure series. I was told the chemist figure was loosely based on me, but I would have to say I look more like my Alatariel avatar with light brown/dark blond hair and different glasses. Also, I strongly discourage wearing make-up in the lab, because it may cause contamination of the samples. I’m surprised they didn’t give her protective gloves though, like the previously released scientist figure had. In my personal version I will definitely change that, because safety comes first!

The chemist and paleontologist come with printing on the back of the torso and all minifigs have prints on both sides of the head. This is an awesome aspect to the figures, because the alternative facial expressions of panic and frustration really tell stories.

While the set does contain some small changes to Alatariel’s original vision, the final product looks like it will be really fun.

You can check out more pictures after the break.

lego female scientist set 3

lego female scientist set 4

lego female scientist set 5

lego female scientist set 6

lego female scientist set 7

Check out the complete review on Alatariel’s blog.

(Scientific American via The Mary Sue)


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