The Best of Nerd Approved: April 25th-May 1st, 2011

Here are the top ten Nerd Approved postsfor the week of April 25th-May 1st, 2011:

Contest: Enter To Win Firefly Gear From QMx and Free T-Shirts From The Nerd Approved Store!

Review: Orb Home Theater Speaker System

District 9 ARC Gun: Recreated in Lego

Terminator T-800 Brain Chip Replica: 400 Pieces Available Worldwide

Steve Jobs In Carbonite iPhone Case: This Is So Perfect

First Look: Star Tours Relaunch Merchandise Revealed

DIY: Portal Talking Turret Plush

Video: The Gatling Gun Slingshot

First Look: Quantum Mechanix Reveals New Dr. Horrible Penny Maquette

Video: Lego Assembly Line Robot Could Threaten Factory Jobs

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