This Darth Vader Armchair Would Be Great With That Dewback Loveseat

I’ve decided that all of the furniture in my home must be Star Wars-themed. I’ll start with this Darth Vader-inspired armchair, then add that Dewback Loveseat we featured last month. Then I might add some of the items in the Rooms To Go and Pottery Barn Star Wars collections. That’s right, I’m prepared to nuke my bank account just so that I can finally outdo this little girl.

The Darth Vader armchair is a custom-made piece by DSDStudio on Etsy and will run you $12,000 (before shipping from Russia). Only 10 will be made. Ehh…on second thought, I’m going to bow out of this competition. I must accept that that little girl will always have the coolest Star Wars room.

(via Technabob)


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