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The Giant Superplexus 3D Puzzle Is $30,000 Worth of Frustration

Little prep school brat Reginald here might not be phased by the $30,000 price tag of this giant Superplexus puzzle, but it doesn’t take someone smart enough to solve it to figure out that is an assload of money to waste on an mind game. It takes 400 hours to hand craft just one of these puzzles from Finnish birch, and all you do is navigate a 5/8″ wooden marble through the course by carefully maneuvering the sphere.

The labyrinth is set inside a 36″ diameter acrylic sphere affixed to a Jatoba base using a stainless steel gimbaled mount that allows you to tilt the sphere in any direction to guide the marble. The entire track laid out on a straight line is 31′ longer than a football field. In addition to the track, the ball must travel on a 1/16″ diameter stainless steel wire pathway at eight points along the journey. A series of directional arrows indicate the course to follow, and successful completion requires a minimum of 425 turns (plane changes) of the sphere–without letting the marble fall off the track. Each Superplexus’ difficulty level can be customized.

Yeah, good luck with that Reginald.

Product Page ($30,000 via The Green Head)


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