The Latest And Craziest Star Wars Toys And Gadgets [Feature]

“Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” has returned to theaters in 3-D. Regardless of how you feel about that, there’s going to be plenty of new Star Wars toys and gadgets crammed down your throat for the next several years. Of course, we will continue to buy them just as we have continued to buy the films again and again in new formats even as we complained about corporate greed and Lucas destroying our childhoods with his incessant tinkering. Well, not this time. I’m going to take a stan … hey, that Darth Maul lightsaber wall light looks awesome!

Darth Maul lightsaber wall light
Just in time for the release of “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” in 3-D comes this Darth Maul lightsaber wall light. It lights up with dual “glowing blades” and even comes with “an educational guide” —which I can only assume will teach me how to master lightsaber combat and overcome my fear of the dark … side. $35.95 — Barnes&Noble via Nerd Approved

AT-AT cable tidy
This DIY AT-AT-themed cable organizer kit hides your power strips, stores extra gadgets and tidies up your cables. An AT-AT would definitely have itswork cut out under my desk though. If it can’t handle some tow cables from a snowspeeder it has no hope of surviving under there. $39.99 — Geekcookvia Nerd Approved

R/C inflatable R2-D2
Later this year Bladez Toyz will be releasing a 26-inch R/C inflatable R2-D2 that can be blown up with a foot pump and operated with a handheld remote. You’ll need this extra time to prepare your cats for the the terror of their lives. $60 — Pocket-Lint via Nerd Approved

Light-up Star Wars shoes
To celebrate the re-release of The Phantom Menace, Stride Rite developed a series of sneakers that features Star Wars themes —including Captain Rex and Dualing Lightsaber versions with light-up features. Unfortunately, the sneakers are only available in kids’ sizes because they probably didn’t expect grown men with size 14 feet wearing these out in public, much to the embarrassment of his wife who just wanted to get dressed up and go out to a fancy restaurant. $24.95-$56 — Stride Rite via Fashionably Geek

Jar Jar Binks in carbonite
The thought of Jar Jar being encased in carbonate is enough to make us giddy — but Hasbro has gone so far as to produce an action figure based on a full-size version that resides at Lucasfilm. The only problem is that you’ll need to attend Comic-Con in San Diego this summer to get your hands on one. Price to be announced — Galactic Hunter via Nerd Approved

Lightsaber Umbrellas
Battle Mother Nature with Anakin, Vader and Obi-Wan lightsaber umbrellas with the Galactic Empire or Jedi Knights emblem silk-screened on the canopy. The shaft has even been anodized in red and blue for added authenticity. $37.99 — Entertainment Earth via Nerd Approved

Stomtrooper motorcycle suits
UD Replicas is offering officially licensed, limited edition Stormtrooper motorcycle suits in Shadow Trooper black or classic Imperial white versions. Amazingly, the entire suit is made from molded grade-A cowhide, but no detail has been spared. It also comes with removable body armor. You could start a really awesome Sith biker gang wearing these suits — unless your Vader showed up driving this. $1,165 — UD Replicas viaFashionably Geek

LEGO Star Wars
LEGO is coming out with some awesome new Star Wars toys this year, including sets for The Old Republicand Jabba’s Palace featured in the video above. Jabba’s set will come with 717 pieces and will retail for $119.99 when it hits store shelves this summer. — BrickShow via Nerd Approved

AT-AT Back Buddy
The popular line of Star Wars Back Buddy backpacks is set to get an AT-AT addition in June. Details are scarce, but I think it’s safe to say that you’ll need something a bit more practical for that backpacking trip you had planned. On the other hand, it is cute and perfect for kids who could use a cuddly friend at school. — blastr via Fashionably Geek

Prequel poster
Let’s be honest, there are many fans out there that would claim that the only thing they loathe more than “The Phantom Menace” is “The Phantom Menace” in 3-D. If you happen to be among them, we have a poster that should be right up your alley. $19.99 — Etsy via Nerd Approved

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