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The Mondo Dark Knight Rises Poster Everyone Can Get

Mondo is known for releasing beautiful posters in such limited editions that getting them is nearly impossible. Now they’re giving you the chance to get one without having to sell your soul or promise your first-born to the Devil. A special The Dark Knight Rises poster designed by popular artist Olly Moss will be available from 12:01 a.m. CST Wednesday July 18 until 11:59 p.m. CST and there’s no preset edition size. Everyone who orders during that 24 hour window will get a poster. They’ll sell for $40 and measure 16″ x 24″ which is slightly smaller than the limited edition run that was sold at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend.

Creative director Justin Ishmael explained why Mondo decided to break away from its business model and offer this poster in what may be a huge edition that likely won’t command the high prices of their other posters.

This isn’t going to change how we do stuff. People in Australia, Japan and Germany all complain they can’t get our posters. This is our way to say ‘Thank you’ to anyone who has ever wanted to buy a poster from us. I hope people take it well and it’s not like ‘Mondo sold out or something.’ It’s more this is a truly for the fan thing. If you want good art and you want to hang this, you have 24 hours. Normally by the time people find out, it’s sold out.”

As if finally getting your hands on a gorgeous Mondo poster isn’t enough, they’ve included a little extra for one lucky customer. One poster will have a golden ticket. It won’t get you a chocolate factory, but it will get you a one-off, original poster of whatever you want, done by Olly Moss.

Mark the date on your calendar, put a post-it note on your mirror and set the alarm on your phone, so you don’t forget. Then head to on July 18th to get your very own Mondo poster and, if you’re lucky, that golden ticket.

(via SlashFilm)


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