The Sarlacc Toilet Adds Excitement To Your Excrement

sarlacc toilet 1

Would you like to make your toilet more menacing and amusing at the same time? I thought so. Robbie Rane can help you out with his epic Sarlacc toilet design. The Toilet Sarlacc came about because Rane was joking about poop with a friend (like you do) and someone cracked a quip about dropping Boba Fett down the Sarlacc pit. Rane worked with others and eventually came up with a fabulous sticker set that turns your bathroom throne into a pit of despair. I freaking love it.

Installing it is a little tricky because you have to remove all the water currently in your toilet, but I think it’s a worthwhile endeavor. If you’d like to get your hands on a Toilet Sarlacc sticker set, you can contact the creator.

See more pics of the dangerous toilet decoration after the break.

sarlacc toilet 2

sarlacc toilet 3

sarlacc toilet 4

sarlacc toilet 5

sarlacc toilet 6

sarlacc toilet 7

(Toilet Sarlacc via Nerdist)


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