The Square-Enix Iron Man Figure Even Has Leg Rockets


If you’ve seen some of the other figures featured in Square-Enix’s Play Arts Kai Variant line, you know that the company has a tendency to give classic video game and comic book characters crazy makeovers. But their latest spin on Tony Stark’s Iron Man isn’t all that crazy–in fact, it looks pretty awesome.

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The figure features some black accents and some subtle shape changes. There are also alternate hands for posing and exhaust effect accessories for the hands and feet (I’m not exactly sure what that thing is on Tony’s back, but I like it and I want one). As you’ll see in the images after the break, there’s also an accessory that simulates a leg-fired rocket barrage….



This Variant Iron Man will go for 9,080 Yen (around $77) and will be available this June in Japan.

(Toyark via io9)


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