The Star Wars R2-D2 Deluxe Figure From Sideshow Collectibles Is The Droid You Want [Review]

R2-D2 Drinks

The hot new droid in town may be BB-8, but no droid is as sarcastic and lovable as good old R2-D2.

The folks at Sideshow Collectibles have turned him into a sixth scale figure that comes withe tons of bits and pieces so you can play with him at your desk instead of working. I know this because they sent one to me to check out and he’s been distracting me from work since the day he arrived.

It’s not just R2, but a whole bunch of accessories including Luke’s lightsaber, Ben Kenobi’s table with a light-up holographic Leia, and a beverage tray with glasses just like he sported on Jabba’s sail barge. It even lights up!

More information, photos and a demo video after the break…

Features include:

Highly Detailed R2 Series Astromech Sculpt
Rotating Dome with Articulated Projectors Ports and Hinged Panel Utility Access Ports
Light Up Logic Function Display, Processor State Indicators & Holographic Projector
Extending Life Scanner
Extending Periscope
Hidden Skywalker Saber Hilt with Magnet Tip for Panel Access
Articulated Terrain Tread Legs
Articulated and Retractable Third Tread Leg
Two (2) Articulated Control Arms
Three (3) Application Arm Compartments with Hinged Panels
One Access Compartment with Hinged Panel
Articulated Drink Serving Arm
Multi-Tiered Serving Tray Attachment
Seven (7) Drinking Glasses
Ben Kenobi’s Table with Optional Illuminated Princess Leia Transmission Hologram
Computer Terminal Arm
Grasping Arm
Power Charge Arm

RD-D2 Accessories

The lights and swiveling dome are fantastic and make him feel very real, but the best part of the whole figure is that he’s tricked out with all the opening panels you see in the movies.

The panels open with Luke’s lightsaber which is fitted with a magnetic tip that pulls open the doors. The detail, as expected, is just fantastic. R2 isn’t bright white but has a little wear and tear. The wires on his side legs aren’t plastic, but actual bits of flexible wire.

R2-D2 Projector

He is adorable and will let you relive your days playing with those Kenner toys on your living room floor, only this time you won’t have to share with your little sister. You can have R2 all to yourself, as long as you can keep him away from your own kids.

Product Page ($149.99)


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