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The Tauntaun Rocking Horse Creator Has Been Identified And He Makes Lots Of Awesome Nerdy Things

bowman - wood at-at

Remember those awesome tauntaun rocking horses? Like you could forget. A commenter on io9 has identifed the creator as Chuck Bowman, a.k.a. The WoodChuck. The master craftsman makes products like the rocking horse, AT-ATs, and wood weapons (he’s even created pistols, rifles, and the like for 501st members) by hand for commissions. He doesn’t even use CAD, a router, or resin casting. I bet if he was the project lead on the Death Star there wouldn’t have been any weaknesses.

You can grab his contact information from his site to see about placing an order (then please invite me over so I can ride your tauntaun rocking horse).

Check out a sampling of Bowman’s work and see the rocking horse tauntauns in action after the break.

bowman - blizzard force logo

bowman - clone walker

bowman - star trek phaser

tauntaun horse in action 1

tauntaun horse in action 2

(io9 via GoA, tauntaun action shots from MEPD)


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