Tricia Helfer And Katee Sackhoff Made a Calendar Together [Brace Yourself]

You should be following Nathan Fillion on Twitter for a few reasons. He’s funny, he tweets seven layer bean dip recipes, and he lets the world know there is a calendar featuring Battlestar Galactica alums Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff. Yeah. It’s exactly as sexy as you are imagining.

The duo teamed up to create the 13 month calendar for Acting Outlaws, their charity that raises funds for various causes. Though there aren’t specifics yet on where the proceeds from the calendar are going, you can order it now (link below). I bet you’ll think every penny is worth it.

Drool over a gallery of photos from the calendar after the break (NSFW).

Product Page ($39.98 via Nathan Fillion)


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