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This Abandoned Tomb Would Be a Terrifying Setting For a Horror Movie [Gallery]

Gah! If you want to hide from zombies, you go here. If you want to find zombies, head to this abandoned underground crypt in Belgium.

Check out more pics and info after the break.

From Environmental Graffiti:

Fennema told us a bit about the history of this crypt: “In the past, when it was built, the crypt was one of the most popular places for underground graves in the country. When it was first expanded, it consisted of star-shaped hallways [when viewed from above] and was made for up to 400 graves. But the upkeep of it grew expensive, and these kinds of tombs became more and more unpopular, so the authorities stopped maintaining it and it was abandoned.” . . . Fennema cannot help but return to the atmosphere unearthed in the crypt: “There was the sound of dripping water everywhere, which also dropped on us and which gave us goose bumps, together with the silence. The air was very cold and wet, and you could see your every breath – also an experience I will never forget. It was as if death was close beside you somehow. The crypt was full of those strange plastic flowers – still with their bright colors – but it was also full of spiders’ webs and other kinds of decay.”

Seriously, this would be the perfect setting for a horror flick or even a rendered backdrop for a scary video game. Check out more images in the link below.

(Environmental Graffiti via io9 / Images via Sven Fennema)


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