This Artist Brilliantly Captures Our Nerdy Childhood

Star Wars painting 1

Playing pretend never gets old. When we’re adults, we tend to limit it to daydreaming, but when we’re kids? We interact with our environment and pretend to be our heroes and favorite characters. Tree branches become lightsabers, or a trash can becomes a perfect substitute for R2-D2’s body. Everything is about playing. Artist Craig Davison captures those moments perfectly with his shadow series.

The series shows fictional characters in the background as shadows, and kids standing in front of them, pretending to be those characters. Just looking at them makes me feel like a child again.

See more of the touching series after the break.

Star Wars painting 2

Star Wars painting 3

Star Wars painting 4

Star Wars painting 5

Star Wars painting 6

Star Wars painting 7

Star Wars painting 8

(22 Words via RFR)


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