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This Batcave Inspired Home Theater Puts All Others To Shame

There are home movie theaters and then are home movie theaters. This Batcave inspired design definitely falls into the latter category. Seriously, it doesn’t frak around. There may not be a dinosaur, but it’s got darn near everything else from Batman’s hideaway.

This design was featured on Elite Home Theater Seating’s website as part of their “theater of the month” feature. It’s only a concept for now, but it seems like it could become a real thing for someone with a Bruce Wayne-sized bank account. From Elite’s website:

Please note that Elite HTS is only a design consultant for this particular project in California. We are not handling the construction, and we are only providing the theater seating for it.

They wanted to combine Wayne Manor with the art deco style of Gotham City. The bats on the railing are a nice touch, and of course those bookcases move away to reveal a Batmobile. The back of the theater has a fireplace and an array of displays, and the ceiling has faux cave motif.

See more photos revealing the theater’s secrets after the break.

(Elite HTS via Geekologie)


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