This Guy Built The Battle of Hoth In His Living Room – With Explosions [Video]

Hoth diorama header

Holy Hoth.

Barry had 140 square feet available in his living room. Some people would consider adding couches or chairs. Those people are not as awesome as Barry – he built an insanely detailed diorama of the Battle of Hoth. Just look at that above image! None of it is Photoshopped.

No AT-AT was left unturned to re-create this memorable scene from The Empire Strikes Back. Imperial Probe Droids, explosions, tauntauns, ships, weapons, soldiers – he’s got it all. When you see the close up images it feels like you’re looking at battlefield photography. I am so completely impressed with Barry’s patience and creativity. I hope he never moves because it would be a pity to disassemble this diorama!

More pics after the break as well as a video. You have to see it to believe it.

Hoth diorama 1

Hoth diorama 2

Hoth diorama 3

Hoth diorama 4

Hoth diorama 5

Hoth diorama 6

Hoth diorama 7

Hoth diorama 8

Hoth diorama 9

(via The Fighting 118th)


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