This Lego Fantasy Build Inspired By Bastion Is Awe-Inspiring


Want to see something amazing? Take a moment and explore the Lego fantasy world of Aurora by Nannan Zhang and Legohaulic.

Based on Bastion, the build is a 7’x7′ display of “a floating world shattered into fragments, whose citizens are now rebuilding their lost home”, according to Nannan.

I don’t think I’ll ever not be amazed by this level of skill with Lego. It blows my mind.

Head after the break to see more pictures of this fantastic display.

aurora 1

aurora 2

aurora 3

aurora 4

aurora 5

aurora 6

aurora 7

aurora 8

aurora 9

aurora 010

You can check out more images at Nannan and Legohaulic‘s Flickr pages.

(via Kotaku)


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