This R2-D2 Alarm Clock Is Actually a Droid Of Action

Why listen to a boring alarm clock that only beeps when you could wake up to a moving and shaking R2-D2? It’s not even a question! Astromechs make the morning better.

This alarm clock is made to have figurine like quality and to get you out of bed. You can choose between various noises to wake your from your slumber including R2-D2 noises, the main theme from Star Wars, and a selection from the Cantina Band. The clock will play a message from Princess Leia to confirm the alarm is on.

And that’s not all: the dome lights up and Artoo moves around. If that doesn’t wake you up, well, you’ll have to try to the Interrogation Droid model next.

Product Page (7,800 JPY  or $100)


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