Tiny Fantasy Dolls Look Like Real Adorable Pets


Dolls aren’t my thing. However, these realistic pocket sized creatures from DeviantArt user Santani are a different story. She’s made dozens of the dolls from materials such as fabric fur, wire, and polmyer clay. Each one looks like it’s ready to bounce into life at any moment! Just check out all the details on the ear fur, the toes, and the eyes. Besides being the definition of precious, they’d be so much easier to care for than real pets.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the creator has an Etsy shop or anything set up. You can contact a person listed on her DA page to inquire about purchasing one of these little fuzzies to call your own. I hope you keep it safely stored in your purse and take it everywhere.

Check more examples of the creatures after the break.







(via Cheezburger)


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