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Nerf Gets Into Zombie Killin’ With A Three-In-One Weapon Of Beauty

three in one

There was a lot at Hasbro’s New York Toy Fair showroom that made me consider engaging in a life of crime (Have you seen the Jurassic World toys? The only thing that kept me from stealing those T-Rex and velociraptor hands is that my bag was too small), but the upcoming line of zombie-themed Nerf guns… oh… my. The one above shoots darts and silly string (or “zombie repellent,” but you know what’s up), and the latter can be switched out with water. Three ways to beat back the undead horde in one gun.

That puppy’s called the Biosquad ZSR-800 Abolisher Blaster; other weapons in the Zombie Strike line are the Flipfury Blaster (two rotating drums with room for six darts each), the Doominator Blaster (four rotating drums with room for six darts each), and the Biosquad ZSR-100 Eraser (darts or zombie repellent). The Flipfury’s out in spring, the other three in the fall. Pics are behind the cut.





super soaker zombie

Zombie killin’ is also part of the Super Soaker line; this is the Splatterblast.

All pictures by Rebecca Pahle.


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