Up Close With The Avengers HUD Designs

If you’re at all turned on by technology, you found the HUD (heads up display) designs in The Avengers to be incredibly sexy. The interfaces are just gorgeous, and the designer, Jayse Hansen, has posted stills from the movie along with concept drawings so you can admire every last detail. Here’s what Hansen has to say about coming up with the layout for the HUD designs seen on the helicarrier:

“For the Helicarrier, it was almost an empty slate at the beginning,” explains Hansen. “I started by researching real aircraft carrier screens and then designing based on what purpose each had. We came to the conclusion that Fury’s screens would be the overall screens and he would have a high level view of basically everything in the Helicarrier and the world. There would be map screens with globes. We did a lot of maps on this! It also had security cam footage, and video feeds from news footage. Hill’s screens were more hands-on with detailed views. She wasn’t flying the ship – but she could make things happen from her screen.”

He also rendered many of the HUD designs for Iron Man’s suit.

See more stills after the break.

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(via Comic Book Movie)


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