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Valentine’s Gifts For Geeks [Feature]

Valentine’s Day is when we all show our special someones how much we love them—and this usually involves a gift or two. The standard dozen roses and box of chocolate works, but how about something a little nerdier to show how much you care? We’ve gathered the most lovingly nerdy gifts on the internet in this handy guide, just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Plush Unicorn Bouquet
You know those overpriced roses will be dead within a week, but these little guys will live forever! This bouquet features 11 plush unicorns that can be popped off their stems and posed around your desk. Product Page ($49.99)

Pokéball Duct Tape Roses
You may never catch ’em all, but you can definitely catch her heart with these Pokéball duct tape roses. They’re available individually or in bouquets. Product Page ($8-$45)

Comic Book Origami Flowers
These origami flowers will be a constant reminder of your love for each other and for superheros. They’re custom made so you can choose a favorite comic or even have them made with the pages of a favorite novel. Product Page ($26)

GLaDOS Hair Flower
Sure, she can be difficult, but you just know that deep inside GLaDOS loves you and is only trying to kill you for your own good. This hair flower is the perfect way to show your gamer girl that you love her, and it even lights up with a red LED center. Product Page ($36)

Bacon Roses
They say that gifts you make are more precious than those you buy, so this would have to be the most precious bunch of roses you could possibly give, ever. They’re made of bacon. I think I can stop right here because the awesome is obvious. Just don’t eat them on the way to your love’s house because she will not appreciate a bunch of green stems. (via instructables)

Cologne and Perfume

Avengers Cologne
Now your man can smell like the superhero you know he is with this Avengers cologne set. The set includes four 60ml glass bottles that evoke Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor. Not guaranteed to impart actual superpowers. Product Page ($59.99)

Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs Perfume Oils
Guys, you can completely avoid a trip to that perfume counter at the mall where a random model tries to spritz you. Order these most nerdy of perfume oils online and have them delivered right to your door instead. Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs has dozens of scent lines to choose from like Lovecraft, Dragons, RPG and Love. All of them will be sure to have your sweet smelling sweeter than ever. Product Page ($17.50)


Heart Emoticon Soap
You end every text and email with that famous less-than-three so a soap with your favorite emoticon is the perfect gift. It’s made from 100% natural and vegan friendly ingredients in either pink or red and smells like sweet brown sugar. No, you cannot eat the brown sugar soap no matter how yummy it smells. Product Page ($6)

Dragon’s Blood Heart Soap
I suppose only Daenerys could tell us for sure what dragon’s blood smells like, but I’m betting this combination of amber, incense, Madagascar vanilla and patchouli is pretty close. This organic hemp soap is perfect for keeping your love’s skin silky smooth through the cold, dry winter. Product Page ($4.99)

Chocolate and Treats

The Cookie Bra
Here’s another one that you can actually make for the love of your life. It’s a cookie bra made from an actual mold of your chest. You create the mold, bake the cookies and then decorate the finished product with icing to turn it into your favorite lace unmentionable. (via instuctables)

Chocolate Bacon Batman Bites
The gift of chocolate is much sweeter when it’s shaped like the Bat Signal. These little chocolates look cute and they’re filled with bits of bacon and peanuts. I’ll take a box of these over the standard fare any day! Product Page ($1.50)

Chocolate Dice
If your plans for the evening include a romantic game of Dungeons and Dragons, then you’ll want to be sure that this set of six dice is part of the munchies. The best part is you can always eat any dice that prove to be cursed and roll nothing but snake eyes. Product Page ($7.99)

Chocolate Photos
These custom made chocolates feature an edible Polaroid-style photo of your choice printed right onto a piece of chocolate. They come in white, dark, and milk chocolate and you can even have a special message printed on them with your photo. Product Page ($14-$18)

Tabasco Spicy Chocolate
Add a little spice to your day with this Tabasco infused chocolate. This dark chocolate has some heat from the addition of Tabasco sauce and comes in an officially licensed tin. Product Page ($8)

Zombie Chocolate Bars
The perfect gift for fans of the brain-eating hordes is this pack of zombie chocolate bars. They’re made of green-tinted white chocolate with crispy bits added for crunch. Product Page ($24.50)


I Love You/I Know Rings
If you’ve already said those three little words, or plan on saying them for the first time, then these rings are a great way to remember the moment. Hey, if it’s good enough for Han and Leia, it’s good enough for the rest of us. Product Page ($22)

R2-D2 Ring
This beautiful ring is for when it’s time to pop the question to the Star Wars fan you want to be with for the rest of your life. It’s custom made from either sterling or white gold with sapphires and diamonds. Product Page ($950 and up)

This beautiful TARDIS ring doesn’t just say I want to be with you until the end of time, but to the beginning, middle and end, and possibly sideways. It’s available with a variety of stones so you can go traditional diamonds or TARDIS with sapphires. Product Page ($380 and up)

Portal Companion Cube Rings
These Portal themed rings are the perfect way to express your love for the gamer in your life. They’re made to order out of sterling silver and perfect for Valentine’s Day with those little companion cube hearts. Product Pages: Portal to My Heart/Companion Cube ($95)

Bracelets and Necklaces

Game Controller Necklaces
This cute game controller necklace shows that you love games and each other. The 2.5″ acrylic controller comes in white/pink or black/red and both feature a heart-shaped button in the center. Product Page ($20)

Bag End Necklace
The door to Bag End is the perfect necklace for Hobbit fans. It’s available in sterling silver, white or yellow bronze or 14K gold and even has the runes Gandalf carved into it at the beginning of The Hobbit. Product Page ($39 and up)

8-Bit Heart Necklace and Earrings
An 8-bit heart is the perfect expression of geek love. Here you can have it as a necklace, earrings and also a bracelet to make a complete set. Product Page ($10 and up)

Legend of Zelda Goron Cuff
This beautiful 2″ wide cuff looks just like the Goron cuff from Ocarina of Time. Now your love will be able to pick up Bomb Flowers, should the need arise. Product Page ($119)

Battlestar Galactica Necklace
Starbuck and Sam’s marriage tattoo makes a beautiful necklace. Even better, it splits into two pieces so you can share. Product Page ($64.95)

Bat Signal Necklace
You can share your love of Batman with this Bat Signal necklace that splits into two, on for you and one for your love. Product Page ($15)

Skyward Sword Heart Necklace
You can actually give your heart away with this Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword necklace. They’re available in gold or silver and measure 2″ across. Product Page ($22)


Game of Thrones Panties
Khal Drago may be gone but his memory will go on with these Game of Thrones inspired panties. I think the Moon of My Life pair are just perfect for Valentine’s Day. Product Page ($30)

Superhero Corsets
Here’s a little something sexy that you can give, or you can get it for yourself and surprise your significant other. It’s a gift for both of you! Product Page Supergirl/Batgirl/Wonder Woman ($39.99)

Portal Companion Cube Panties
These cute panties are perfect for gamers on Valentine’s Day! They look like a Portal Companion cube, complete with a little pink heart on the front. Product Page ($12.99)

Smittens: Mittens For Two
These mittens will let you walk hand in hand without freezing your fingers on romantic winter walks. Your other hand, just tuck it in your pocket. Product Page ($39.69)

Doctor Who Valentine’s
Forget those boxes of 20 Valentine’s you can get at the store. Here are a much better selection that feature Doctor Who and wonderfully awful Valentine’s puns. Product Page (Pay What You Like Download)

Ring and Jewelry Boxes

TARDIS Jewelry Box
The perfect little jewelry box for your favorite Whovian to store her most precious trinkets. Product Page ($24.50)

Steampunk Ring Box
This steampunk was handmade by one soon-to-be married geek for his soon-to-be-wife. It’s not for sale, but should provide some great inspiration for skilled artisans looking for a creative ring box idea this Valentine’s Day.

Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor Ring Box
If you’re trying to think of ideas for your proposal, then check out this Tony Stark Arc Reactor Ring box. You don’t have to have his millions to build it and it’ll be hard for her to say no with a box this cool holding her engagement ring.

Geeky Proposal Ideas

Star Trek Proposal
You could propose in front of your family or your friends, but if you’re really clever you’ll propose where there’s already a professional photographer on-hand, like at a Star Trek photo op with the entire cast of The Next Generation there to witness the moment.

Spider-Man Proposal
This web-slinger has some serious kung-fu moves as he beats up the bad guys, saves the girl and manages to get engaged all in one fell swoop.

Super Mario Proposal
You could also try turning your entire living room into a Super Mario screen complete with sound effects and fireworks. Yeah, he had fireworks, so you better step it up.

LEGO Star Wars Proposal
If remodeling your living room feels like a bit too much, then how about just modeling some Lego bricks? This cute little diorama has a lovelorn Stormtrooper proposing to his favorite Rebel pilot with a beautiful ring. Looks like it might be a little big.

Ood Proposal
Who knew that in addition to be wonderful housekeepers that the Ood were the perfect cosplay idea for a Whovian wedding proposal? Judging by the smile on her face, I think she said yes.


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