Vote To Bring LEGO Sherlock To Life


Benedict Cumberbatch is delightful in any form, even a blocky one. Yes, LEGO figures and sets from BBC’s Sherlock could be a thing if it gets enough votes. The design by flailx is featured on LEGO Cuusoo and already has over 7,000 of the 10,000 votes needed for LEGO to take a look at the project. The BBC series clearly has a huge fan base, and Flailx has done a wonderful job translating the characters to minifigs.

So far he’s built Sherlock, Watson, and Sherlock’s consultation room. The latter even has Sherlock’s iconic hat. Brilliant. I don’t know that LEGO would actually market this set, but it’s cool that your votes can help get it front of their eyes. Head over to the Cuusoo project page to add your support!

See Sherlock’s consultation  room and concept art after the break.

thumb640x360 (1)

thumb640x360 (2)

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(via MTV Geek)


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