Want!: Star Wars Episode IV Imperial TIE Fighter Replica

Ever since an ex-boyfriend clued me into the fact that TIE fighters have no shields, I’ve been fascinated with them and the pilots who fly them.

So, in my eyes, this new Star Wars Episode IV Imperial TIE Fighter Replica from Efx is definitely in the WANT column.

Per the description:

A digital scan of a TIE model in the Lucasfilm archives, was used to map the parts, verify the dimensions and scratch build the model kit parts that either could not be found or identified. An original TIE Fighter that is known to have been used in the filming of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was used to match the correct colors.

Nerdgasm. Of course, the fact that it was scanned from an actual screen-used model during the making of A New Hope means it won’t come cheap.

Product Page ($1000)


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