You Can 3D Print This Working Stargate [Video]


The list of things you can 3D print now includes a working stargate thanks to Cara who has made this stunning example. The center has been Photoshopped but the rest of it is all the real deal. Cara said in her comment on io9:

The entire thing was made on my Printrbot Simple Metal 3D printer with Gray ( and some transparent ) PLA material. It also has a NEMA 17 stepper motor to drive the inner ring, and 5mm NeoPixels to light up the chevrons. The whole thing is driven by an Arduino Uno with an Adafruit motor shield using an Arduino sketch I wrote ( and am still tweaking )

She plans to mimic the center look with some blue paper to complete the effect.

See the video after the break to see it in action.

You can get the files, instructions and parts list to recreate this Stargate design at Thingverse.

(via io9)


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