Watch The Entire Firefly Reunion Panel At SDCC, And Find Out What Made Nathan Fillion Cry [Video]

We mentioned last week that the Firefly reunion panel from this year’s SDCC would air as a TV special on the Science Channel November 11th, but you can watch the entire panel right here, right now.

Overall it was both entertaining, insightful and candid. Joss Whedon even commented at one point that if the show hadn’t been cancelled by Fox, we would have learned about the Blue Sun conspiracy, Inara and Shepherd Book—and Wash would have lived.

Do yourself a favor and make sure to watch until the very end for Joss Whedon’s final words and Nathan Fillion’s emotional response to a question. If you thought you couldn’t love the show and the people behind it more—you might be surprised.

(via Bleeding Cool)


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