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What I Saw At New York Comic Con [Feature]

New York Comic Con took over the Javits Center in Manhattan last weekend. Comics, toys, and costumes abounded. Saturday and Sunday of the convention sold out, and attendees crowded the floor to shop, get comic books signed, demo video games (like Star Wars: The Old Republic), and attend one of the many panels on the jam-packed schedule. Every convention has its own vibe, and this one was the convention that never stopped moving. Despite being smaller in scale than say, San Diego Comic-Con, it always felt like there was some place to rush to. In the midst of dashing around the convention center, I saw plenty of costumes and toys.


Cosplay at the con covered the usual suspects: superheroes, video game characters, Star Wars, and more. There wasn’t the typical droves of Stormtroopers and Slave Leias this time around, rather an overwhelming number of Doctors and their companions were running (okay, walking) about. It seems like Amy Pond costumes are the the new Slave Leia. The number of attendees in costume was comparable to any other convention, and an anime festival happening in the same building bumped up the number of costumes with pastel colored wigs considerably. Here are my favorites from Saturday and Sunday:

Jill Pantozzi as the 8th Doctor

Dengar & Boba Fett at NYCC

Wolverine Banana

Luke Cage - Power Man

Enchantress, Lady Thor, & Lady Loki

Mini Darth Maul


As if the costumes weren’t enough eye candy, limited edition toys and exclusives lined the aisles. Hasbro came to New York Comic Con for the first time this year. I’m not sure if their presence led to an overall increase in toys at the show or not, but it really felt like they were everywhere. If Toy Story were real, I bet those action figures threw one hell of a party after hours. Neither Gentle Giant or Sideshow Collectibles were there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that changed in the next few years. I had to resist spending lots of money on toys like these:

Masters of the Universe

All Batman all the time

Star Trek Potato Heads

Jem Toys

Doctor Who collection

Miniature serial killers

Besides dressing up and buying vinyl, attendees could browse the vast Artist Alley and attend panels. Hollywood only had a minor presence at the convention, so the floor wasn’t overtaken with giant, sparkling booths. It felt more personable, and you could actually tell it was about comics (which isn’t always the case). Sure, there was a giant panel for The Avengers, but for the most part panels covered subjects like how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign, how to create a great graphic novel, creator-owned comics, and spotlights on creators. I didn’t have close to enough time to see it all.  The city was charming, the convention was fun – there’s no reason not to check out New York Comic Con next year.

See more photos from NYCC here.


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