When Your House Looks Like The Enterprise, You Don’t Need A Holodeck

star trek home 1

Line Rainville has been a fan of Star Trek: The Original Series since she was young. Decades later, she took her love for the show to another level: she added Star Trek scenes and details all over her house. It started in the basement with a themed home theater, but then, as all good things do, it got bigger. She’s re-created parts of Spock’s room, the transporter area, the bridge, and more. She even re-created a food replicator. I applaud her enthusiasm and dedication.

The renovation took about $30,000 and a year’s worth of time, and for a Trek fan, I can’t imagine it getting much better.

See more images of the decor after the break.

star trek home 2

star trek home 3

star trek home 4

star trek home 5

star trek home 6

star trek home 7

star trek home 8

(CNET via Dvice)


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