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Which Disney Characters Are Drift Compatible Jaeger Pilots?


I don’t know what it is about these sorts of mash ups that never gets old for me. Maybe it’s seeing characters I love in a new way, or maybe it’s a love for the type of creative mind that imagines them.

These Pacific Rim Disney pairs drawn by Tumblr artist Lou are a great example of what makes these crossovers interesting. When you think about it, wouldn’t you want to see Noni and Lilo piloting a Jaeger called the Ohana King?

I also think it’s neat that she paired people that fans might not pair together, but she has a back story that makes it work. Her description of why Hans and Anna pilot the Frozen Heart is a great example.

I now want to see a Disney movie with Jaegers and Kaiju. I really, really, really hope there as Disney-inspired Kaiju in my future. Psst, Lou.

See more pairings and their Jaeger names after the break.


Golden Trident – Ariel & Eric


Arabian Knight – Jasmine & Aladdin


Shepherd’s Crystal – Kida & Milo


Ursa Major – Merida & Elinor


Dream Giver – Nakoma & Pocahontas


Evening Star – Tiana & Naveen

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