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Will Drinking Zombie Blood Turn Me Into a Brain-Eating Moron? A Taste Test Review

The original Blood Energy Potion from Harcos Labs didn’t turn me into a vampire, so I didn’t have much fear that drinking Zombie Blood would turn me into an undead idiot with a thing for brains. But I have to admit that I have this whole sluggish yet hyper feeling going on right now.

Of course, that’s probably due to a combination of little sleep and lots of coffee—but the 80mg of caffeine in each packet of zombie blood is nothing to scoff at.

So what does it taste like?

Well, I chose to drink it at room temperature—which is recommended on the packet instructions (although refrigerating it would probably be better). If I had to compare the taste to anything, it would be kind of like a melted, lime Fla-Vor-Ice pop poured into a can of Sprite.

All-in-all it wasn’t unpleasant to drink, but you might want to try that whole Fla-Vor-Ice Sprite thing before you go and spend $16 on a 4-pack of Zombie Blood.


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