Wonder Girl Becomes The Batkid Of Vallejo [Video]

wonder girl

A month ago, San Francisco and the world rallied around Batkid. It was an amazing day of making a kid’s wish come true; more than that, it was inspiring. The not-for-profit group Vallejo Together heard about the event and when leukemia patient 10-year-old Monika Romo said she liked Wonder Girl, the group knew they could put together a Batkid-like day in their city. She wrote an essay about how a superhero could save a city and donned a Wonder Girl costume and went to a few schools to read her essay. She even got a key to Vallejo and a hero award. Sniffle.

Watch a video about Wonder Girl and read excerpts from her essay after the break.

“One day the city of Vallejo changed unexpectedly. The evil villains had begun taking over Vallejo, spreading their evil ways across the town. Burglaries and robberies began occurring all over town, ‘respect for others no longer existed.” “Since everyone gave up and lost their hope, it made the villains’ job easier to take over Vallejo.”

“Then, a 10-year-old girl named Monika Romo had an idea. She told the mayor of Vallejo to call her favorite superhero, Wonder Woman …”

“Upon her arrival, Wonder Woman saw with great sadness what she had most feared. Cruelty, hate, anger and injustice had taken over the towns’ people. Many of the Vallejoans were willing to fight, but many others were too afraid to speak up, sometimes out of fear and sometimes just because they thought that nothing could be done.”

“They knew the job was not going to be easy and that it was something that would not happen over night. But they also knew that they had all their good will and the good intentions of many of the Vallejoans, and the support of the Police Department and the Fire Department.”

“Together, hand in hand, they would confront the forces of evil, because they truly believed that the unity would make them a stronger force.”

(Robot 6 via TMS)


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