Yes, You Can Buy a Custom Kit To Build a LEGO Serenity

Last spring, fans of Lego and Firefly were ecstatic about the possibility of a Serenity set being an official Lego product. The model was up for voting on CUUSOO and though it got plenty of votes, it didn’t get past Lego’s review board. Luckily for us, Browncoats don’t give up that easily – or at all.

Thomas Lockwood, the designer, put together a custom playset with over 2,000 Lego pieces that you can purchase and build your own Serenity. It’s not official in any capacity, and it’s hard to say how long it will be available (hopefully for a while). The set includes:

Opening loading ramp & bottom hatch
Minifig-capable cockpit
Light-up Firefly drive (battery included)
Playable dining area & cargo hold
Crazy Ivan capable rotating engines
Data Card with ship stats to go on a stand
Free Parts List!
24″ long x 16″ wide x 7″ tall
2186 new unused pieces. That’s over 5 lbs!
Includes complete build instructions in pdf form, delivered via email.


Current lead time is three weeks, and you can of course buy a minifig set of the crew separately.

Product Page ($385 via Brothers Brick)


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