You Can Buy Floor Lava Protection On Craigslist Now

lava protecting couch

Apparently, most people in this world are doing their family a disservice because they’re not currently protecting their home and family from lava.

Thankfully, someone on Craiglist posted this FLOOR LAVA PROTECTION (couch) in Kansas City, KS and it’s only 25 bucks!

I feel a bit ashamed of myself for not having thought of this very real danger sooner. But I’m glad that I know about it now and can try and protect my family and myself going forward. Whew!

Check out the full text of the ad after the break.

Do you love your family?

Do you want to protect them?

Then why have you not yet done anything about the fact that THE FLOOR IS LAVA. YOU CAN’T TOUCH IT OR YOU’LL DIE!

For the low cost of $25 you can spare your family from this terrible fate. We are offering a floor-lava proof island to provide shelter and safety. It has been know to protect up to 4 people simultaneously but may hold even more in a dire emergency.

That’s only $6.25 per person to SAVE THEM FROM THE LAVA COVERING THE FLOOR!

As a FREE bonus we’ll throw in four soft, comfortable, throwable (and most importantly LAVAPROOF) stepping stones, allowing for the mobility to reach safe areas of the floor. These may provide YOUR ONLY CHANCE OF RESCUE.

So please, for the love of your family — especially your children — act now. Don’t let this simple solution to a deadly and common problem slip away.

(It also functions as a couch.)

(Craigslist via Happy Place)


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