You Can Get The ‘Dark Souls’ Board Game Right Now


If you didn’t take the plunge on Dark Souls: The Board Game during its highly successful Kickstarter run, now is the time to get your copy without having to worry about the company running away with your money and leaving you empty handed. ThinkGeek has the game in stock right now for $120. Here’s what you’ll get:

Dark Souls Board Game:

  • Innovative node-based tactical movement
  • Campaign mode (play multiple scenarios from the original Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3)
    For 1-4 players
  • Ages 14+
  • Play time: 90-120 minutes
  • Mechanic: Cooperative play and modular board


  • 3 Boss Models
  • 4 Mini-Boss Models
  • 4 Player Character Models (Assassin, Herald, Knight, Warrior)
  • 16 Enemy Character Models
  • 7 Double Sided Game Tiles
  • 2 Double Sided Mini-Boss/Boss Tiles
  • 4 Player Character Boards
  • 3 Boss Dials for Tracking Damage
  • 252 Cards
  • 15 Coloured Dice (d6)
  • 121 Game Tokens (Damage, Condition, Terrain, etc.)
  • Rulebook
  • Materials: Models are unpainted PVC

Dark Souls Board Game ($119.99)


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