You Can Now Buy A Nerd Girl Barbie. I Totally Approve

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It’s rather cool when you see something you voted for, something you hoped for, something you figured would never happen—happens.

Mattel asked people to vote on the “I Can Be” Barbie line and, when the Computer Engineer Doll was one of three options, the internet sort of…mobilized. And with that, Barbie took on her 126th career (most people change 3-6 times on average).

We voted, we won, and I got to see her at ToyFair. But, at the time, we didn’t know when she’d be available for order. So I was just left to be happy and keep my eyes peeled.

My wait’s over. ::grin:: She’s now available for order and should be here in time for the holidays.

Product Page ($17.00)


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