You Might Not Be Able To Handle This Adorable Marvel Themed Nursery

Skottie Young’s Marvel heroes as babies variant covers are more than just cute; they’re inspiring. After seeing some of the delightful covers,  soon-to-be-father Eric decided to incorporate them into his baby’s nursery and go full on Marvel with the theme.

He was frustrated with the lack of products available on the market so he painted a mural based on Young’s art on the wall and designed some simple yet awesome themed decorations to complement the art. There are some commercial products like plushes and lamps among the decor, and those are nice but I particularly love the handmade alphabet art and paper crafts. It came together perfectly.

Forget babies, I want this cute Marvel-themed room for myself!

Check out more photos after the break.

Hit the link below for more detail on how the crafts were created.

(via iGeektrooper)


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