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France May Allow Digital Music Conversion

In an effort to cut piracy and encourage the growth of digital music, France is considering passing a law that would allow users to convert their digital music’s format to other formats. So, it would be legal to convert an iTunes protected song into Windows Media Format

The policy comes as part of a broader French law aimed at fighting piracy and encouraging growth in the digital music business. Another amendment to the bill, which would have made P2P legal if users paid a fee, has been scrapped for the time being.

Those who download illegally would be subject to a fine of 38 euros, which increases to 150 euros if they are found to be sharing files with others. Those who make software which helps illegal file sharing could face jail sentences of up to three years and 300,000 euro fines.

We’ll have to see the reaction from Apple and Microsoft. At the very least, this could lead to a deluge of illegal, perfect copies of music on file sharing networks. You know neither company is going to be happy about that and leaving the market all together would not be out of the question. But give France credit for pushing the companies toward interoperability.


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