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Google Music Search Service

Reports are out today that Google is planning to offer a music search section. Rather than just point to various web pages that contain information about the band, lyrics or song queried, it will point users to where legal downloads are available, as well as all the songs on a particular album. Google wil not be creating a music library of their own, but will point to other sites exclusively. Four sites have initially partnered with Google to provide the purchase options: iTunes, Real Rhapsody, eMusic and

By using its dominance in the search arena, as well as providing users with a single source of information, they are likely to become the number one music search site overnight. Rather than visiting multiple download sites to look for a particular song, it would offer single site solution.

While there are no impediments to the cataloging and displaying of songs and artists, there is some question regarding the legality of posting lyrics. The music publishing industry is planning to go to court to stop the publishing of lyrics based on copyright issues.

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