Marian Call European Adventure Quest Kickstarter [Video]

Marian Call, geek musician extraordinaire, has entertained with concerts in every state and appearances at w00tstock and even at ThinkGeek’s offices. Yeah, her music is just that deliciously nerdy. She’s never made it across the pond, though, so she’s started a Kickstarter to fund her trip and let fans tell her where to sing.

Reward levels start with copies of the album “Marian Call Live in Europe” which she’ll be recording during her quest. Depending on how much you donate you’ll also receive imaginary coins that you can use to cast your vote for a concert in various cities and towns throughout Europe. See, it’s a genuine quest with coins and everything!

The Kickstarter has been fully funded so Marian will definitely be in England and Wales, but additional countries can only be unlocked with your help. The whole thing is being tracked on a wonderfully old-school 8-bit map of Europe so go make a donation and get a meeple on your country!

(via Kickstarter)


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