Orb Home Theater Speaker System [Review]

If you are looking to get a serious home theater or stereo setup without spending a fortune, check out the review after the break. These Orb speakers might be exactly what you are looking for.

The key features of the Orb system are small, modular speakers, a Super Eight subwoofer and huge value compared with other high end equipment.

For out test we were running a Classic Two system beefed up with a total of 8 “Mod1″ orbs. This included the Super Eight sub with a 200 watt (400 watt peak) BASH hybrid amplifier and a super long-throw 8” woofer with a high-power magnet, and a Yamaha 465 receiver.

Getting everything up and running wasn’t difficult at all (though getting multiple speakers wired on the mount can be a bit awkward), and the instruction manual is helpful for figuring out ideal settings. After I put the speakers through a short break-in period, I fired it up with my projector system to watch some action flicks with explosions—and I was pleasantly surprised with the sound. It is remarkably crisp and clear in both the high and low ranges with smooth bass from the sub. The bass won’t blow you out of your seat, but if you crank it up you will definitely feel it. I can only imagine what their “Uber 10” 300 watt sub can do.

It might not have been as rich a sound as you can get with more expensive setups, but it is far, far better than I would have ever expected from a system thats around $1000 or less. You really get a lot of sound for your money here.

That having been said, the Orb speakers are also quite attractive—especially if you fancy a modern look. I don’t know if I would be mounting these things on a wall or anything, but the Orbs look fantastic on the free mounts, and they are available in a variety of white, copper and steel finishes.

Again, one of the big benefits to Orb is that you can add on to the system as you see fit. You can buy the Orb Mod1 speakers in singles for $119.50 or in multiple packs that range from $239 to $998. You can also purchase systems with a subwoofer and varying numbers of speakers for $549-$1289. Complete systems with a receiver will run you between $999 and $2288. Basically you can customize the configuration to fit just about any budget.

The bottom line is that if you are shopping around for home theater audio, you should check out Orb before plunking down a fortune on something from a company like Bose. You’ll probably end up paying twice as much for around the same level of quality and craftsmanship. The only problem is that the only places you can hear them is in NY or LA. They ship direct to customers in order to keep costs down, so you can’t find them in stores—but we have no doubt that you will like what you hear. And the good news is that you get a 30-day in home trial.

Check out more from the Orb Audio website.


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