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Review: JVC RX-D702B

JVC is offering a digital receiver that offers onscreen programming, 2 port HDMI switching and offers 150 watts per channel of digital power output. It accepts a USB connection and a wireless dongle for you to access digital music on your PC over your home wireless network. In addition to all that, you can upconvert analog signals to be displayed throught the HDMI ouput. A minor drawback is thos upconverted analog signals can only be displayed at 480p.

PC Magazine: The JVC RX-D702B receiver will take up half of the space yet sound twice as nice as your old power-hungry analog receiver. But be sure to give it ample cooling and keep it away from your DVR. The sound is loud and crisp, thanks to a digital amplifier and digital signal processing. You can even connect it directly to your PC via USB or wirelessly, to stream music from your MP3 collection.

ZD Net: JVC’s low profile RX-D702 stands out in a field of generic receiver designs, and its high-tech aura is more than skin deep. Sure, this $800 list A/V receiver boasts cutting-edge, high-power digital amplifiers, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It also includes HDMI switching and HDMI upconversion–and it’s currently the least expensive receiver on the market with both.

PC World: There are lots of ways to play digital music on your stereo system. The problem is how to make the music sound good, since speakers of any quality will show the imperfections of compressed audio files. JVC’s receiver uses a wireless USB link to transmit music from your PC to your stereo, but the real magic is what the receiver then does with it. Technology the company has dubbed “CC Conversion” cleans up digital music signals, making even music streamed off the Internet sound fabulous on my system.

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