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Warner’s DVD Album Push

Boy, talk about a product that I see going nowhere, Warner Music Group is planning to release DVD albums that will include not only the full music of a particular album, but videos and lower quality pre-ripped tracks that could be copied to a CD. I know they are looking for something to replace the CD, and at a higher cost, but why in the world would people purchase this format when it can only be played on a DVD player? Would lower quality pre-ripped tracks really be a draw? I doubt that. The videos? Doubtful again. I just see this format dying another rather quick death.

It seems the music labels just don’t get it. People are not looking to replace their CD collections with another format. And they are not looking to purchase music with cumbersome DRM. What the new market demands, and the music companies refuse to offer, is digital copies of music for use on any device they choose. The sooner the labels accept that, the sooner they will be back on a path to profitability. There will always be some piracy, but to penalize all users for that is absurd. And these DRM solutions that essentially say you are just leasing the right to a song and are limited in how you can use it is just the record companies looking to maximize profit on the backs of their consumers.


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