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guardians destiny

Once you get past the sad beginning, Guardians of the Galaxy moves into a happy and fun intro. Peter Quill dancing around to “Come and Get Your Love” is one of the most memorable scenes of the film, and YouTuber Somewhat Awesome Games decided to pair it up with the newly released video game Destiny. The edit features a hero from Destiny dancing a la Star-Lord, and it’s on the nose.

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mark ruffalo

Rian Johnson is helming Star Wars: Episode VIII, and that makes him a rather popular guy – to say the least. Mark Ruffalo has worked with Johnson in the past, and Ruffalo told Collider he recently sent Johnson the following email:

“Rian, congratulations on everything you’ve been doing. And by the way, if there’s a part in Star Wars, please, anything, please consider considering me to join you.”

Hey, asking doesn’t hurt, and Ruffalo certainly would be a popular choice. Who knows if anything will come of it, but the conversation didn’t stop there. The editor-in-chief of Collider tweeted about it and Johnson replied and brought Star Wars spinoff writer Gary Whitta in on it.

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bat-signal candle 1

Get ready to turn your house into the safest version of Gotham City ever with these small Bat-Signals. Made by Geekhex, the 3D printed Bat-Signals are built to be inserted into a candle with prongs; you’ll be able to summon a tiny Batman in a heartbeat. You can order the signal in various types of metal and choose from Bat-Signals over the ages including designs from 1992, 2001, 2003, and 2008.

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Millennium Falcon

Photographer Matthew Myatt took to the skies recently to take stock photos for the flying school Airborne Aviation. He was soaring over Greenham Common near Newbury and discovered a surprise when he pulled the images off his camera. According to Sky News, Myatt realized one of his photos featured a partially built Millennium Falcon and a X-wing fighter, presumably being made for Star Wars: Episode VII.

Best surprise ever? Possibly.

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What if the characters of Frozen were actually Pokémon Gym Leaders? They are in art imagined by Isaiah Stephens, and they look like they were made for the roles. He illustrated Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Hans as members of the Gym in the game, and I hope cosplayers run with these costume designs and that they also manage to recruit or capture some pocket monsters.

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Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters in Japan on September 13th, and the trailers airing over there for the Marvel film are the best. They’re focused on Rocket and Groot, and one of them includes images of actual raccoons before the Guardians footage. I wish they were subtitled in English, but the trailers still manage to be funny without that. Man, now I want to watch Guardians again.

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funko aa 2

The Arkham Asylum game isn’t known for featuring cutesy character designs, but Funko has a knack for changing that. One of their newest Pop! series features Batman, Harley Quinn, the Joker, Killer Croc, and Poison Ivy, and they all look precious. I’d love to see a version of the game with these designs.

Pre-order the figures now for November shipment.

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shire nursery 1

Few things say home to me like Bag End. The home of the Baggins is described as comfortable, cozy, and safe. It’s the perfect theme for a nursery, and Britten thought the Shire would be an ideal baby friendly setting. She worked with artists Nicole Shobe and Minda for three months to finish the murals. The images feature Bag End, the rolling hills of the Shire, and cobbled stone paths. I’d love to step into these paintings and go on an adventure.

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delorean 1

If you’ve longed to own a DeLorean like the one from Back to the Future but don’t have the funds on hand to purchase one, you’re in luck. Sideshow Collectibles is selling a sixth scale time machine from Hot Toys, and while it’s not exactly cheap, it’s more affordable than a life-sized version. Hot Toys did an incredible job loading the 28 inch long car with details – it looks completely screen accurate. Features include:

Exterior features:
- Six (6) front LED lights
- Eight (8) rear LED lights
- Meticulously crafted exterior with cable wires across the body and detailed structure of the DeLorean time machine engine deck
- Functional gull-wing doors
- Turnable front wheels
Interior features:
- Two (2) seaters
- One (1) flux capacitor with LED light-up function
- One (1) set of time circuits
- Detailed components with LED light-up function

When you put this DeLorean in a display case, you’re going to see some serious… well, you get the idea.

Pre-order now to receive this beauty in March 2016.

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Good news: Warner Bros. Television has tapped Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler to bring DC Comics’ Supergirl to television. The Hollywood Reporter says the duo is adapting the character for a potential new series, and they excpect Geoff Johns to have a role in developing it. No other information has been confirmed, not even the title or format.

Given the work Berlanti has already done with The CW’s Arrow, I think it’s definitely a good thing he’s involved, and I’d love to see a comic book series with a female lead head to television. I can’t wait to hear more.

(via io9, above art by Mahmud Asrar)